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A very solid school! UM is what you expect it to be. Located in the Miami area, it allows for much to do and experience without the risk of boredom. However, note. Rating and reviews for Professor Dana Krempels from University of Miami Coral Gables, FL United States. I love Missoula and I love UM. Of course, there are crappy people but there are also incredible people as well. Same goes for professors. It isn't a perfect school. Go Blue, and make sure to get football season tickets! Play hard, work harder. Definitely have to find a close small friend group or you can get lonely. I attended another State University for 5 years, before transferring to U of M after changing my major. I feel at home on campus and around town. We're all counting on you. I definitely recommend this class for BA's that need to satisfy science credits. The social scene is definitely there and the school has great major and minor choices, which set in stone my decision to attend UM. Cafe is terrible, but there's starbucks. Your Note Has Been Deleted. I didn't like the way Dana lectures. Missoula, MT Campus Video Tour. It's campus is not only beautiful, but also easy and quick to navigate. The campus is unique and does not have. Help out your fellow students. All Categories RMP Buzz Video Top Lists Miscellaneous. I'm looking for professors at.

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